Medical director: Doc. Cinchini Elisabetta

Transparent Administration

The principle of transparent administration

The Quisisana Nursing Home and Polyclinic adheres to the principle of transparency, understood as total accessibility to information concerning the organization and activity of public administrations.

Affirmed with the legislative decree 14 March 2013, n. 33, this principle has the objective of favoring widespread control by citizens over the work of institutions and the use of public resources.

The goal of the Quisisana Accredited Private Hospital based in Ferrara is to give access to its administration to make patients participate in everything the facility does and wants to do to offer a quality and satisfactory service.

Quisisana publishes administrative data to encourage patient participation in order to:

  • ensure knowledge of the services rendered, the quantitative and qualitative characteristics and the methods of providing
  • prevent corruption and promote integrity
  • subject each phase of the performance management cycle to widespread control to allow for improvement.

Through civic access, simple or general, anyone can know data and information held by the Quisisana Private Hospital, in compliance with the limits set for the protection of legally relevant public and private interests. In this section it is possible to access the data, information and documents concerning the Quisisana Nursing Home and Polyclinic.

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