Medical director: Doc. Cinchini Elisabetta

Physiotherapy Gym

New Quisisana Physiotherapy Gym

Who is the gym for physiotherapy for?

If, after the checkup, specific health needs are highlighted, the patient will be guided to the outpatient activity necessary for his state of health.

Inside the gym there is state-of-the-art equipment, capable of carrying out all the necessary static and dynamic assessments.

Specifically, for the evaluation phase, the physiotherapy gym can count on the Walker View, which can be used for a precise dynamic evaluation (both during walking and running) and on the Iso Free, a stabilometric platform with cameras capable of evaluating and quantifying each degree of movement of the joints, the degree of oscillation and therefore the balance, the percentages of load and the center of gravity.

What activities take place inside the physiotherapy gym

Inside the physiotherapy gym it is possible to:

  • carry out a post-injury recovery path, through athletic rehabilitation, motor rehabilitation, prevention of relapses and muscle injuries. After an injury, the patient is trained to recover muscle tone, flexibility, joint mobility and proprioception
  • prepare from an athletic point of view, with personalized workouts and activities aimed at improving coordination, physical and mental skills, so as to improve endurance, muscle strength and speed, balance, proprioception, joint mobility and flexibility
  • carry out a re-athletization path, and then conclude the functional recovery path that allows an athlete to return to his sporting activity

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Contact us to find out how to access the physiotherapy gym at Quisisana, or to request more information.

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