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Andrological and urological visit, when to book them

Urology is a specialized medical and surgical branch that deals with pathologies affecting the genitourinary system: kidneys, ureters, bladder, prostate and external male genital organs.

At the Quisisana accredited private hospital it is possible to undergo a urological or an andrological visit in Ferrara. Painless and non-invasive, the visits allow you to identify, monitor and treat any disorders of the urinary system (and, only in men, disorders of the genital system).

What is a urological visit

The urological examination at Quisisana is carried out within an excellent structure, characterized by a high degree of selectivity in the choice of its specialists. It is possible to book a visit with doctor Luigi Gigante as private individuals, and therefore for a fee, or access the service through the USL Ferrara with only the payment of the “ticket”.

How is the urological visit carried out? At the beginning, the doctor will proceed by asking the patient for information on his lifestyle (diet, alcohol consumption, smoking, physical activity, sexual activity) and on any urological pathologies present in the family. In the case of a male patient, the urologist will carefully check the lower abdomen together with the external genital organs. During the visit, you may also have a prostate checkup by palpation from the rectal canal. If he deems it appropriate, he can prescribe further tests such as ultrasound of the urinary-genital system, urinalysis or uroflowmetry.

With a female patient, the urologist will carry out an evaluation of the uro-genital system excluding incontinence or prolapse of the uterus and bladder. Eventually, they may order a urinalysis or ultrasound of the lower abdomen.

The urological examination does not include any type of preparation, except to show the results of any tests carried out previously.

You can book this activity online

Quisisana provides the service of Urology also on payment, book your visit now, or discover how to to book through Azienda USL Ferrara.

What is an andrological visit

At Quisisana it is possible to undergo a private andrological examination in Ferrara (visit not affiliated with the National Health System).

The andrological examination, reserved for men, consists of an inspection of the male genital system: the specialist, after a first phase of anamnesis, goes to palpate the penis and testicles and carry out a rectal inspection to check the prostate.

Who is the urologist for?

The urologist is the doctor to whom one goes in case of urinary tract disorders or male infertility. Symptoms could be: blood in the urine, cloudy or foul-smelling urine, swelling in the lower abdomen, pain in the kidneys, pain or swelling in the testicles, decreased libido, infertility, decreased urine stream. After the age of 40, specialists recommend an annual visit.

The pathologies most treated by the urologist are:

  • kidney stones and colic
  • cystitis
  • bladder diverticulum
  • urethral stricture
  • kidney failure
  • urinary incontinence
  • bladder prolapse
  • erectile dysfunction
  • incontinence
  • cancer of the kidney, bladder, prostate or testicles

Often the urologist and the andrologist collaborate in the treatment of pathologies.

Services offered at the Quisisana urology clinic:

  • urological visit
  • andrological visit

Medical staff

  • Dr. Luigi Gigante Specialist in Urology

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