Medical director: Doc. Cinchini Elisabetta

Digestive endoscopy

Digestive endoscopy, how it is performed and for whom it is indicated

Digestive endoscopy is a particular diagnostic technique that allows one to obtain a direct view of some organs, using an internal perspective. For interventions of this kind, endoscopes are used, specific instruments characterized by very thin optical fibers. Insertion into the body takes place through natural cavities, chosen according to the area to be explored.

At the accredited private hospital Quisisana it is possible to undergo digestive endoscopy in Ferrara.

The reasons for digestive endoscopy

Digestive endoscopy allows one to check for any lesions or alterations and, at the same time, to proceed with small operations. They range from the removal of polyps to the arrest of digestive bleeding, up to biopsies and palliation of advanced tumors. In most cases, however, digestive endoscopy is used to study symptoms such as:

  • Nausea
  • Abdominal pain
  • Vomit
  • Diarrhea
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Blood in the stool
  • Emission of blood with vomiting

Digestive endoscopy is a key diagnostic tool for being able to study various types of gastroenterological diseases. It is possible to identify benign diseases, as well as to prevent, control and treat malignant ones.

Looking at the oncology field, this tool has as its main objective the early diagnosis. This leads to the removal of pre-neoplastic changes, or lesions that could turn into tumors.
There are several ways in which digestive endoscopy can be a key tool. A clear example is given by the treatment of obesity. It is in fact possible to place an intra-gastric balloon endoscopically, and in this way making the patient perceive a sensation of premature satiety. This is one of the most important therapies used before bariatric surgery.

You can book this activity online

Quisisana provides the service of Digestive endoscopy as a paid service, book your visit now, or contact us for more informations.

Preparation for endoscopy

Depending on the type of endoscopy to undergo, it may be necessary to avoid food or liquid intake for a given period of time. Specifications vary from case to case. It may also be necessary to stop taking particular medications (just think of blood thinners in the case of a colonoscopy, so as to prevent excessive bleeding during the procedure.

Digestive endoscopy services at Quisisana

At Quisisana it is possible to undergo digestive endoscopy services in Ferrara for a fee. The services offered by the structure are:

  • Gastroscopy
  • Colonoscopy

Medical staff

  • Dr. Vincenzo Matarese Specialist in Gastroenterology and Digestive Endoscopy
  • Prof. Giorgio Zoli Specialist in Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology and Digestive Endoscopy

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