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The importance of a thorough diabetic visit

Quisisana is the reference point for diabetology in Ferrara.

Diabetology is the branch of medicine that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes mellitus and its complications. With the support of the diabetologist, the patient can reach and maintain normoglycemia, but also normal levels of cholesterol, arterial hypertension and body weight, thus reducing cardiovascular risk factors.

The diabetes specialist also deals with the prevention and early diagnosis of diabetic complications whose target organs are: kidney, eyes, heart, arteries, liver, nervous system and foot.

What is a diabetic visit

The diabetic visit at Quisisana, for a fee and not affiliated with the National Health System, is carried out by Dr. Nicola Stucci. It takes place within a center of excellence, with a centuries-old history and a high degree of selectivity in terms of specialists.

At the diabetes clinic in Ferrara it is possible to undergo a diabetic visit, in case you have received a diagnosis of diabetes or pre-diabetes (high blood sugar levels).

This visit allows you to define the extent of the disease, measure blood pressure and check the tests previously prescribed, to assess the existence of comorbidities and complications (eg kidney pain, hypercholesterolemia). The diabetic doctor clarifies to the patient what diabetes entails - if not adequately treated - and establishes with him the therapeutic program to be followed both in terms of drugs to be taken and nutrition to follow.

You can book this activity online

Quisisana provides the service of Diabetology as a paid service, book your visit now, or contact us for more informations.

How the diabetic visit takes place

During the diabetic visit, Dr. Nicola Stucci acquires information on the patient's clinical history and his habits (nutrition, physical activity, etc.), asks if there are diabetics in the family and if he suffers from other diseases. This is followed by the actual examination, which lasts about half an hour, does not require any particular preparation and is used to evaluate different body areas: neck, abdominal organs, cardiorespiratory system, circulation of legs and feet, sensitivity to touch and temperature variations ( to prevent diabetic foot).

After checking the blood tests and the results of any other prescribed tests, the diabetologist sets up the drug therapy and provides the patient with all the useful tools to manage his condition. During the first visit, in particular, he teaches him to self-measure his blood sugar and to administer insulin. In addition, it initiates him into a correct lifestyle and a diet aimed at avoiding glycemic peaks and drops.

Medical staff

  • Prof. Dr. Vincenzo Abbasciano Specialist in Cardio-Rheumatology, Liver and Replacement Diseases, Rheumatology and Oncology
  • Dr. Nicola Stucci Specialist in Endocrinology and Replacement Diseases (Metabolic Diseases and Diabetology)

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