Medical director: Doc. Cinchini Elisabetta


Book a dermatological visit, for the health of your skin (and not only)

Dermatology is the branch of medicine that deals with pathologies of the skin and skin appendages (body hair, hair, nails).

Booking a dermatological visit in Ferrara is very simple: the Quisisana accredited private hospital provides patients with a trained and competent staff, able to promptly diagnose the various pathologies so as to define the most correct treatment path.

How to book a dermatological visit and what it consists of

The dermatological visit at Quisisana is carried out within an excellent structure, characterized by a high degree of selectivity in the choice of its specialists. It is possible to book the visit as a private individual, and therefore for a fee, or access the service through the USL Ferrara with only the payment of the “ticket” fee.

In the event of a dermatological visit with the National Health Service, and therefore under an agreement, it is necessary to access the Quisisana Acceptance Office with the referral from the attending doctor, the CUP booking and any documentation of previous visits and exams to show to the dermatologist.

During the visit, the specialist carries out an anamnesis by analyzing the symptoms reported by the patient, his medical history and his lifestyle (smoking, alcohol, drugs, nutrition, any pathologies). At that point, he proceeds with a careful exploration of the skin where the patient has identified the release of spots, moles, papules, wheals, blisters, erythema or other skin manifestations.

Often, during the dermatological visit, a mapping of the moles is also carried out in order to monitor the size and shape of the moles present over time.

The dermatological visit can be carried out preventively (especially in the case of skin covered with moles) or when a suspicious symptom appears, and is used to diagnose and monitor skin diseases of different types. If deemed appropriate, the dermatologist can prescribe further tests to the patient, from blood tests to biopsy.

You can book this activity online

Quisisana provides the service of Dermatology also on payment, book your visit now, or discover how to to book through Azienda USL Ferrara.

Which pathologies does the dermatologist deal with

The dermatologist is the doctor to turn to for the diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases and skin appendages.

The pathologies most treated by the dermatologist are:

  • acne vulgaris, the appearance of cysts, nodules and / or pustules due to inflammation and obstruction of the sebaceous glands
  • alopecia, reduction or disappearance of hair
  • cutaneous mycoses (fungal infections of the skin)
  • nail fungus (fungal nail infection)
  • dermatitis, inflammatory diseases of the superficial layers of the skin
  • psoriasis, a chronic inflammatory skin disease
  • vitiligo, a skin disease that affects melanocytes and causes the appearance of very light spots
  • rosacea, a skin disorder that causes redness, pimples and evidence of blood vessels
  • wounds, ulcers, lesions, sores, scars, keloids
  • malignant skin tumors: melanomas, basaliomas, squamous cell carcinomas
  • benign skin tumors: cysts, warts, keratoses, hemangiomas

Medical staff

  • Dr. Maria Gabriella Piccinini Specialist in Dermatology
  • Dr. Isabella Romani Specialist in Dermatology and Venereology

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