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è stato pubblicato sulla rivista internazionale "MEDITERRANEAN JOURNAL OF HEMATOLOGY AND INFECTIOUS DISEASES" l'articolo dal titolo "Vitamin D Status in Thalassemia Major: An Update", curato dal dott. Vincenzo De Sanctis. 

Ashraf Soliman,1 Vincenzo De Sanctis,2 and Mohamed Yassin3
1Departments of Pediatrics, Hamad Medical Center (HMC), Doha (Qatar)
2Pediatric, Adolescent Outpatient Clinic, Quisisana Hospital, 44121 Ferrara (Italy)
3Department of Hematology, Alamal Hospital, HMC, Doha, (Qatar)


The survival of patients with thalassemia major has progressively improved with advances in therapy; however, osteoporosis and cardiac dysfunction remain frequent complications. Adequate circulating levels of vitamin D are essential for optimal skeletal health and reducing fracture risk. Vitamin D deficiency and insufficiency is reported to be high in thalassemic patients in many countries despite the presence of good sunshine and routine prescription of 400–1,000 IU vitamin D per day. The risk of vitamin D deficiency in thalassemia and its relation to bone disease; including osteoporosis, rickets, scoliosis, spinal deformities and fractures as well as to cardiac dysfunction is discussed in this mini-review. Monitoring and maintaining normal serum level of 25-OH vitamin D through oral intake of vitamin D and early correction of VDD by oral or parental use of vitamin D may significantly improve bone mineral accretion and ameliorate cardiac function.