Plastic Surgery is the surgery specialty that aimes at correcting aesthetic, morphological or functional defects, both congenital and acquired. Branches of Plastic Surgery are the sub-categories of aesthetic plastic surgery and reconstructive plastic surgery.

Aesthetic plastic surgery is responsible for removing or correcting defects, or malformations that have relevance above all for the physical and aesthetic appearance of the patient, and sometimes also for the physiological and functional aspect, even though they do not necessarily represent pathologies or diseases.

Aesthetic surgery, improving the aesthetics of the person, can also bring a psychological benefit, helping the patient to regain greater self-esteem and safety, both towards himself and towards others.

Plastic reconstructive surgery is instead the branch of plastic surgery that deals with the reconstruction and correction of congenital malformations or after-effects of surgical interventions (such as, for example, mastectomy) trauma, accidents or illnesses.


  • Nose, tongue, lip, skin and subcutaneous tissue biopsy
  • Excision or local removal of other nose lesions
  • Suturing of lacerations of the nose, tongue, lip, other parts of the mouth, palate and skin lesions
  • Free skin graft, full-thickness free-skin graft of the hand, other skin graft of the hand
  • Skin appendage ligation
  • Non-surgical excision of wounds, infections or burns
  • Suturing of skin and subcutaneous tissue
  • Surgical excision of wounds, infections or burns
  • Radical excision of skin injuries
  • Staging and preparation of pedicle grafts or skin flap
  • Pedicle advancement flap
  • Correction of scars or retractable skin folds


Prof. Dr. Piero Rosati

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