Physiotherapy offers specialist diagnostic, consultation and treatment for trauma, joint and post-operative problems.
Through the application of physical therapy using specialist equipment as well as manual treatments suited to each individual patient’s needs, physiotherapists are responsible for patient rehabilitation after an accident or surgery, functional reeducation of the joints and for promptly and effectively resolving cervical-, lumbar- and disc-related joint and muscle pain.
The Quisisana Physiotherapy Clinic also offers mobilisation after breast cancer surgery. 


  • Functional taping
  • Fixed ultrasound
  • Fixed ultrasound with cryotherapy
  • Scanning laser therapy
  • Localised massage therapy (15 min.)
  • Manual therapy
  • Assisted and passive mobilisation
  • Rehabilitation gymnastics
  • Rehabilitation after breast cancer surgery
  • Vestibular rehabilitation
  • Kinesiology taping 1
  • Kinesiology taping 2
  • Kinesiology taping 3
  • Kinesiology taping 4
  • Physiotherapy consultation
  • TENS
  • Galvanic stimulation


Dr. Riccardo Voghenzi (physiotherapist) 

Internal physiatric coordination

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