The Otorhinolaryngology clinic provides general specialist services in the field of competence, covering the ears, nose and throat. In particular, the assessment of the upper airway is carried out with a high-definition endoscope (video endoscopy of the VAS).
Furthermore, we provide highly specialized services in the following fields:



  • Balance disorders: diagnosis and therapy of equilibrium disorders of vestibular origin in particular for paroxysmal positioning vertigo ("canalolithiasis") with the execution of the so-called "liberating" maneuvers; treatment of acute vestibular deficit ("labyrinthitis"); performing modern non-invasive vestibular examinations (video head impulse test);
  • Tinnitus: diagnostic analysis, indication to pharmacological treatments and not, auditory rehabilitation, sound therapy;
  • Respiratory disorders in sleep (snoring, obstructive apnea syndrome): in-depth assessment according to recent ministerial guidelines, endoscopic diagnostics with Mueller's maneuver, ad hoc therapeutic indications; the referent of the clinic has an EOS-DRS expert qualification in sleep breathing disorders released by the Italian Society of Otorhinolaryngology and the Italian Association of Sleep Medicine.


  • Otorhinolaryngology (ear, nose and throat) visit
  • Clinical examination of vestibular function
  • Video endoscopy of the upper airways


Dr. Andrea Beghi


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